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Handcrafted creatures, made with care.

I am a soft sculpture artist, making lovingly hand-crafted, poseable fantasy animals and creatures that capture the imagination.

New adorable creatures will be posted every week! Follow us on facebook to see what’s coming up soon!

Each creature is constructed with a skeleton of flexible, fully poseable armeture wire. The body is soft-sculpted using foam and synthetic filling, giving it a realistic, malleable feel. The face is uniquely hand-sculpted, painted and painstakingly covered in fur. When finished, these creatures seem to take on a life of their own; taking to any form you place them in. But above all, there is no limit to what the imagination can bring to life.

Baby Two-Toed Sloth - $325 USD (white)

sold out

Baby Two-Toed Sloth - $325 USD (white)


This little guy has a hand sculpted face and toes. He is totally poseable, great for sitting up or hanging off your shoulder.

Final details yet to be completed: creature will be shipped out within one week upon purchase. 
Shipping takes 6-10 days, international locations outside of the US and Canada may take longer. 

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